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Things Remembered is the nation's leading source for personalized gifts. Corporate gifts take on a new meaning when they are personalized from Things Remembered.

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Jennifer from 24HourMall


It can be easy for gifts to become a little impersonal. The thought may be a good one, but the gift itself can still be sort of generic. It always pleases us when somebody puts an extra bit of thought into buying us a gift. You can just tell when somebody has taken that next step in an effort to make you happy. If you want to take that step yourself, then check out These folks have been around for decades, taking the twinkling trinkets of traditional gift-giving and adding the element of engraving, allowing for a truly personal present. There are gifts here for all occasions; weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, and many, many more. You can find key chains, barware, jewelry and jewelry boxes, lighters, writing utensils…the list just goes on and on. The inventory is vast and varied, with something for everyone on your list. What makes this work, and has made it work for over thirty years, is the attention to detail and quality customer service. Things Remembered has a great retail operation, with over 800 locations, and extending onto the internet was a logical next step. Their site is a good one, and the personalization process is a lot easier than you might think. It works very quickly, taking just a few minutes. The overall aesthetic of the site is engaging, and everything is easy to locate. Things Remembered has taken its concern for the customer and transferred it quite handily to their online operation. Take a moment to check it out; it’ll be worth it.