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Richard from 24HourMall


As technology advances, we find different ways to use it in bettering our lives. Most developments in the past have been born of pressing needs. The need for more reliable light, the need for communication over distance, the need for rapid transport of goods; these needs led to the development of truly revolutionary technology. But what happens next? Once the initial needs are met, the ingenuity of mankind steps in and finds ways to adapt these advances in order to improve our way of life. Comfort tends to begin in the home; it is where we hang our hats. Home is where we need to be able to relax, to feel comfortable and to enjoy life. Thanks to companies such as, you can do that very thing. The watchword here is automation. It's all in the name: Smarthome. This site is about bringing you products that can more or less look after themselves. There are various products aimed at automating your lighting and appliances. There are temperature controls and sensors. There are a variety of phones and computer interfaces. There is a wonderful section devoted to home entertainment, as well as a section devoted to cameras and other forms of security. Essentially, offers you a chance to live in the home of tomorrow today. Yes, it's a rather moldy cliché, but it's true;'s aim is to let you live in the house of the future. If you want any aspect of your home life to be a little smarter, pay a visit to From the garage to the bedroom, and everything in between, Smarthome can help you create the home of your dreams.