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Shari's Berries, an edible alternative to a florist, sells gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries and related gift items year round and tucked into intimate, sexy, gold boxes or disguised as red roses.

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Karen from 24HourMall


Everybody loves sweets. Okay, perhaps not everybody, but a lot of people do. So many, in fact, that the candy/sweets industry makes millions upon millions of dollars every year. However, a good deal of that market share is gobbled up by the huge conglomerates, the multi-nationals. Still, there are plenty of smaller companies out there; companies who make up for their lack of global presence with niche marketing and quality products. One of the most fun and interesting that you’ll find is Shari’s Berries at These folks have come up with an absolutely mouthwatering inventory. Everything here just looks delicious. Now, there are other products besides sweets, including a nice selection of collectibles, although many of the non-edible products are intended to resemble, or at least evoke, the food products that are the bread and butter of This is certainly no mere candy store, but the fact remains that there are scads of scrumptious consumables available for purchase here, and anyone with a sweet tooth will be hard pressed not to find something that they want. The marriage of strawberries and chocolate is a true taste sensation, and it is the foundation that Shari’s Berries is built on. The site itself is extremely attractive, with a lovely aesthetic sense. The colors and images mesh well; there’s definitely a harmony here. The layout conveys a variety of information without being cluttered or difficult to navigate. This is an excellent retail website; it carries wonderful products aimed at a relatively small market. Any lover of delicious sweetness will be pleased as punch with a stroll through Shari’s Berries.

Customer Rating

Product Information 5
Tracking and Delivery 4
Customer Service 5
Return or Replacement 5
Would Shop Here Again 4

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