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Enjoy one of the world's great food traditions, WILD smoked salmon.

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Michael from 24HourMall


Some of the biggest beneficiaries of the online shopping boom of the last ten years have been the more specialized companies. Some are marketed to certain niches, while others are simply small. Still others are regional businesses, folks who’ve been around for a long time, providing their particular product or service to a certain region for years, but now have the opportunity to go national, even global. SeaBear Smokehouse is one of the latter. They are based in the Pacific Northwest, and their focus is gourmet foods, particularly salmon. Before the internet, a person in the east would have to get incredibly lucky to stumble onto a gem such as this one, but now, SeaBear is out there for the world to discover. They have a fun site, with a great design concept. The layout is easy to follow, and there is plenty of relevant information. The food looks fantastic. Anyone who is a fan of salmon will think they’ve died and gone to heaven. Granted, there are plenty of other wonderful items in the inventory, but SeaBear’s bread-and-butter is undoubtedly the world-renowned salmon. The Northwest is famed for it. There are just so many wonderful and delicious items waiting for you here. Still, you can do more here than simply buy food. The site features a section filled with recipes and cooking tips, and there’s even a feature that allows you to send a virtual postcard with images of the great Pacific Northwest to your friends. So check this one out if you get a chance…it’s just plain fun.

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Product Information 4
Tracking and Delivery 4
Customer Service 5
Return or Replacement 4
Would Shop Here Again 4

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