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Sahalie is for folks who work hard, play hard, and have a "slightly bent" outlook on life. Folks who know how to have fun, enjoy the outdoors and take time out for a chuckle or two. With clothing and gear for men and women. So sit back and surf the pages of our Web site.

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Robert from 24HourMall


Sometimes the world around us can be a little overwhelming. Everything moves so quickly that it can be hard to stay grounded. That’s probably a big reason why so many people love the outdoors. Camping allows us to separate from the fast pace of our world; through a more direct connection to nature, we gain a much clearer perspective. Of course, just because we’re roughing it doesn’t mean that we can’t take advantage of the many wonders resultant of technological development. Camping equipment is an indirect beneficiary of advancement; materials become stronger, lighter, more insulating. The folks at Sahalie understand that, and bring you some of the finest camping gear and equipment that you’ll find. You can find all manner of wonderful, outdoor-oriented merchandise at There are apparel categories for both men and women, as well as categories aptly named Camp & Cabin and Gadgets & Gear. Everything here is of the highest quality and it’s all reasonably priced. This company was started by people who love the outdoors and want to help you love the outdoors. Their products carry with them a guarantee; if you are ever unsatisfied with your purchase, no matter what the reason, you may return it for an exchange or full refund, no questions asked. That is indicative of the commitment to the customer that Sahalie carries with it. There is also an Adventure link, which connects you to some of the outings that the company’s owners have gone on. This is a site that indicates both a desire to serve the customer and a sense of humor and fun. It’s a combination that more people should aim for. If you love the outdoors, is for you.

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