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Relax The Back is your source for ergonomic chairs, massage chairs, memory foam mattresses, back rests, and neck wedge pillows. We specialize in products & solutions for the relief and prevention of back and neck pain including ergonomic chairs, massage chairs & more!

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Suzan from 24HourMall


There is a special kind of agony associated with back pain. Back injuries are just so utterly debilitating. The slightest motion can trigger a spasm. The worst part of the whole thing is that back pain can be tough to treat. However, as time passes, more and more people are devoting attention to things like ergonomics, trying to find ways to prevent and/or alleviate this pain. And so we come to This company has assembled a wonderful inventory of items designed to combat back and neck pain. They offer massage chairs, mattresses, office furniture, a variety of personal accessories, and much more. Each item is ergonomically sound, minimizing the stress on your back and/or neck. Everything is put together in the most comfortable and healthy way possible. However, the folks at Relax The Back are as concerned with your education as they are with your comfort; there is a great deal of information about back pain available onsite. You can access a wide range of information about back ailments and back care. The information search is comprehensive; you can have as narrow or broad a focus as you like. Any basic information you might need in order to better inform your shopping decisions is just a click or two away. It really is remarkable to see the strides that have been made in ergonomic design. There’s an odd beauty to the gently rounded contours that connote quality ergonomics. These items are designed with function in mind, and yet form manages to make an appearance. These are wonderful products; if you want a respite from your back pain or just to prevent it before it starts, a visit to is definitely in order.

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