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Subscribers get to watch/listen to news, sports, film, TV and entertainment content using RealPlayer Plus. SuperPass also offers 3,200 radio stations and 10 free song downloads / month. Get access to top shows from the Discovery Channel, TLC and Animal Planet including Deadliest Catch, Meerkat Manor, Mythbusters, Dirty Jobs and many more.

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Lisa from 24HourMall


As long as there have been people, there has been music. We carry within us an inherent need for music, whether it is an elaborately produced orchestration or the simple rhythm of homemade percussion. We love sound, we need sound. This is one of the reasons that the recording industry is so massive. Millions upon millions of dollars are spent on music every year. However, due to developments in technology, especially the internet, the way music is marketed and sold is gradually changing. Online file sharing is simply huge right now. Everyone and their brother is downloading music from the internet, many of them illegally. However, if you want to experience the joys of choice while still abiding by the law, there are a number of pay sites out there devoted to bringing the music to you. One of the better ones is RealRhapsody. Accessed through and affiliated with RealPlayer, the services offered at RealRhapsody are simply fantastic. First of all, it is a completely legal service, which is a nice change of pace. Secondly, you gain access to over 450,000 songs and over sixty ad-free radio stations. You can burn your own CDs for less than a dollar a song, as well as build your own playlists and customize your own radio station, not to mention free reign with unlimited exploration and listening. All of this can be yours for less than ten dollars a month. The online music phenomenon is still fairly young, but RealRhapsody appears to have an inside track on helping to guide that phenomenon into maturity. If you’re a music fan, you need to check this out.