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RICHART fine chocolates offer you unsurpassed taste sensations by bringing together the finest ingredients in time-tested recipes. RICHART makes gourmet chocolates slowly in small batches under the strict supervision of master chocolatiers.

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Suzan from 24HourMall


Mmmm…chocolate. Just about everybody loves the sweet savory taste of chocolate. The smell, the texture, the flavor…we love it all. There are few foodstuffs that are held in such relatively universal esteem. The fact that we love it so much has led to its omnipresence in the retail world. You can buy chocolate anywhere. Convenience stores, grocery stores, department stores…if a retailer sells food of any sort (especially snacks), then you’ll be able to find chocolate somewhere on the shelves. However, as with any consumable, quality varies greatly among specific products. There is the low-end; candy bars that can be bought from any gas station. Then there is the high-end; gourmet chocolates intended to help you truly experience the succulence and flavor capabilities of the cocoa plant. At the upper end, you’ll find delicacies constructed by talented chocolatiers who have spent years fine-tuning and perfecting the blends that bring out the best in their sweet treats. RICHART chocolate, found on the web at, has established a firm foothold in the chocolaty upper echelon. These beautiful bonbons really need to be seen (and tasted) to be believed. The variety of styles and flavors is impressive, and while these chocolates might be more expensive than your garden-variety candy, there’s a very good reason. RICHART’s chocolate is better, plain and simple. It may be all relative, but taste just one of’s delectable delicacies and you’ll be convinced. With numerous different categories and collections of chocolate, RICHART shows us that there is far more out there than just milk chocolate wrapped in foil. There’s a universe of flavors out there; explore it with