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Visit Priceline Car Rental at is simple! You name the price you want to pay and priceline finds a major airline willing to release seats on flights where they have unsold space. Also, name your own price for brand name hotel rooms and SAVE!

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Robert from 24HourMall


One of the keys to a pleasant travel experience is smooth operation. As long as the planning process goes well, the actual trip will likely fall together nicely. This is true whether you’re headed across town for the day or cross-country for a month. There are things that you need to know when traveling, things like ETAs and rental car prices, not to mention hotels. Of course, with Priceline Hotels, you can book a hotel online within a matter of minutes. You can choose the quality rating, the price, and the location. Priceline does all of the work to make it happen. Whatever you want, if Priceline can get it for you, it’s yours. You choose the city, the area (downtown, etc.), the price, and the number of stars. Then, if Priceline finds a match for all of your criteria, they immediately make the reservation and bill you. It’s as simple as that. Of course, there are pre-packaged deals available as well. You can choose from resorts, family getaways, big city hotels, and a number of other categories. These packages are all affordably priced and Priceline has put together some really attractive deals. Internet commerce is still a relatively young industry, but Priceline can definitely claim a spot at the top of the heap. They are one of the most consistently innovative and successful retailers out there. They are always finding new ways to better serve the customer; you could do worse than support a company with that sort of commitment to your satisfaction. For hotel reservations and just about anything else related to your travel plans, check out

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Product Information 5
Tracking and Delivery 5
Customer Service 4
Return or Replacement 4
Would Shop Here Again 4

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