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The Plow & Hearth online store carries unique products for the Home, Garden, Yard, and Hearth. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. The Spirit of country living.

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Suzan from 24HourMall


Ever since there have been cities, there have been people who have felt the need to get away from them. The call of the outdoors is a strong one. However, there are those among us who can’t give in to Mother Nature’s siren song; for whatever reason, they are bound to “civilization.” These people still hear the song, though, and so must somehow find the joys of country living themselves. There are a number of companies out there that sell country/rural-themed products; however, with items like this, there can be questions of quality. Not so with Plow & Hearth, however. These folks have been specializing in products for country living for over twenty years. You don’t survive for twenty years in a niche market without doing a lot of things right, and Plow & Hearth is no exception. A glance through their website (at shows the kind of quality products and commitment to the customer that makes for a successful retailer. Their products are intriguing, attractive accents that help lend a subtle rustic flavor to your surroundings. With various outdoor furnishings and yard and garden merchandise, your suburban home can also be a country getaway. If you yearn for the slower pace of rural living, but don’t want to give up the amenities and conveniences of your urban life, then a few purchases from Plow & Hearth might help you find a comfortable compromise. Home is what you make it, after all, and can help you connect your modern home with the simpler ways of the past. Spend a few minutes with this site; simplify your life.