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Old Pueblo Traders was established in 1946 and serves a customer base of millions of baby-boomer women. OPT offers easy-care, easy-wear products at an affordable price. The selection of apparel, shoes, intimate apparel, and accessories includes brand-names that the customers look for, along with a size selection she can't get anywhere else. Along with quality products, OPT has the highest standards of customer service.

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Customer Reviews

Maria from 24HourMall


When it comes to matters of fashion, it all boils down to style. Whether that style comes from a magazine, a television show, or inside your own head is entirely up to you. Once you find a style that suits you, everything else can be built from there. Now, it’s clear that women get the short end of the fashion stick. Granted, the majority of the fashion industry is aimed at women, but that only means that they have to wade through an even bigger deluge of mediocrity and unnecessary flash in order to find the styles that work for them. However, there are numbers of clothing retailers out there devoted to selling quality merchandise that will agree with a wide range of the fashion spectrum. One such retailer can be found at OldPuebloTraders.com. The folks at Old Pueblo Traders have assembled a first rate inventory of women’s apparel, with all the categories that you’d expect. Dresses, suits, jackets, tops, bottoms, footwear, loungewear, swimwear…the list simply goes on and on. The savvy shopper will soon realize that what this website may lack in flash, it more than makes up for in flavor. This site is not about bells and whistles. It is about bringing quality clothing to the public at affordable prices. It sounds simple, but there are relatively few companies out there that care enough to actually do it. The site is extremely friendly to use. Everything is fairly intuitive. There are a number of features aimed at helping you make sure that the purchase you are making is the right one. In short, any woman looking for a positive clothes shopping experience should give OldPuebloTraders.com a look.
Barbara Forbes from Maryland


Excellent. Service