Visit Lids at The #1 destination for online hats--all teams, all styles, all brands. LIDS has the biggest and best selection of sport, fashion and collegiate hats in the latest designs and trends. Choose hats from the hottest brands and profiles, with the accessories and apparel you need to complete your look. Whether you need the perfect style, the perfect fit or the perfect gift, has your hats.

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John from 24HourMall


Niche marketing is one of the keys to retail success. Business owners spend large amounts of time and money trying to determine what they can offer that others can’t. Sometimes they take a wrong turn and careen off into entrepreneurial oblivion, but many times they find a product or a business model that they can get behind and make their own. Specialization may preclude truly massive growth, but success is measured in a variety of ways, and many companies do quite well for themselves by narrowing their focus. One company that has found their niche is Hat World. They recognized the staying power of the baseball-style cap and followed that instinct to success. In the process, they acquired Lids, another hat retailer. The website at is still active, and is Hat World’s primary online presence; what a presence it is. This is an excellent retail site. If you want a hat, then look no further. has a comprehensive search function, with all sorts of categorical breakdowns. There are also a number of featured hats as well as a variety of specials. These are fitted caps, and so knowing your hat size, or at least your head size, is important. Luckily, Lids has provided you with an easy to follow hat size guide. You can choose from hats representing the four major sports leagues, as well as MLS and NASCAR. There is a wide array of NCAA-related merchandise as well. This is a first-rate website maintained by people who have a firm understanding of their core market. Hats galore await you.

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