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Jennifer from 24HourMall


There is a deep satisfaction to be drawn from making something yourself. Expressing your creativity by making something can be very rewarding. There’s an appeal to stepping back, taking a long look, and saying to yourself “I made that.” It’s really quite wonderful. Now, each person has their own outlet for that creativity. Some perform, some write, some paint…but there are many people whose creative expression falls into that nebulous category known as arts and crafts. This could be anything from needlepoint to handcrafted jewelry, but it often involves fabrics. That being said, one of the absolute best craft stores out there is Joann Fabrics, and they now have a decidedly strong presence on the web. This is a nice looking site, with a variety of color and activity. The layout is fairly easy to follow, although it is a little on the busy side. Still, navigation is no problem. This is a one-stop crafting resource that has a little something for everyone. The products, of course, are of the highest quality. The inventory is large and varied. There are products for sewers, quilters, scrapbookers, model enthusiasts, stampers…the list just goes on and on. If you engage in one of these hobbies, chances are that you’ll find just what you need at However, the products are only part of the story. There are also bulletin boards and a section devoted to different projects and various tidbits of wisdom. All told, this is a fantastic resource for crafters of all sorts, and you would do well to give a nice, long look.