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The products we sell include Advantage flea control, PROGRAM, Frontline, Cosequin and much more. We sell our products at up to 70% off vet prices and will match any price from our competitors!

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Patricia from 24HourMall


The family pet is a common thread in many households. The actual species of the pet varies from home to home, but regardless, domesticated companions abound. Of course, we all know just how much responsibility caring for a pet can be. There are certainly pets that are low-maintenance, but many of them require a good deal more attention than just the occasional feeding. Still, the scope of what constitutes a pet is fairly broad. Successful retailers must find a way to occupy a market niche without becoming too overspecialized. Hence, we get stores such as EntirelyPets.com. These folks have chosen to focus on products designed to help improve the health of your pet. Cats and dogs are the focus, obviously, since those two species tend to be the most popular in terms of pet ownership. You can find treatments for a number of pet ailments, products such as dewormers, dental products, and flea and tick treatments. There is also a fine selection of more preventative products, mostly topical treatments and shampoos. A section of the site is devoted to toys and treats; there is also a section aimed at the owners of birds and other pets. Still, the focus here is on the good health of your pet, both current and continued. The site's secondary information sources reflect that focus, with plenty of data on assorted health topics related to your pet's well-being. You love your pet and your pet loves you; it's only right that you should want the best for Fluffy or Spot. EntirelyPets.com can help you bestow upon your pets the quality of care that they so richly deserve.