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Dan's Chocolates makes fresh chocolates using a combination of European and American ingredients. Our hand-made gourmet truffles feature fresh cream, fruits, and nuts for the most discerning chocolate connoisseur.

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Customer Reviews

Richard from 24HourMall


Everybody loves chocolate. Okay, so maybe that's a gross overgeneralization, but let's be honest: most people enjoy chocolate. They do. The delicious sweetness, the mood-enhancing energy, the lovely texture?these are the kinds of things that we love about chocolate. Of course, as with anything, there are varying degrees of quality. The candy bar you get from the shelf at the grocery store is likely going to be tasty, but it can hardly be deemed much more than that. On the other hand, if you order from a company like Dan's Chocolates, what you'll get is a chocolate experience, transcending everything you ever thought you knew about cocoa and its associates. Now, don't be deceived into thinking that this is ?fancy? chocolate; the word is evocative of high quality, true, but also of high prices, and fortunately for you, you won't find too many of the latter at Dan's. Incredibly delicious and aesthetically pleasing chocolates at prices that are also delicious and aesthetically pleasing (at least to your wallet); what's not to like here? In addition, Dan's offers a number of gift services, including their Photo Boxes, which really are a treat. You can send Dan's one of your digital images and they will transfer said image to the cover of your box of chocolates. It might sound complex, but Dan's has a wonderful system set up to walk and talk you through the process. There are chocolates for all occasions, and the testimonials seem to indicate that giving Dan's Chocolates might well gain you a friend for life. Sweet treats have always held a special place in our respective culinary universes; let Dan's take you to a whole new world of taste sensations.