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Cutter & Buck is a premier line of golf-inspired apparel for men and women who appreciate innovative, high-quality sportswear. We believe in using the best fabrics and trims, classic styling, and a wide range of colors to create clothing that looks and performs impeccably.

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Customer Reviews

James from 24HourMall


The internet is riddled with sites that try to sell you clothes. There’s an apparel website lurking around every corner; seems that way, anyway. So making the decision to purchase online is complicated by the sheer number of sites. Still, while most are similar and pretty much on the same level, there are a few that stand head and shoulders above the rest. The people at Cutter & Buck have put together a line of clothing that is of the highest quality while still being reasonably priced, as well as very fashionable. Not only is the inventory top-notch, but the site is as well. It is an elegantly simple site, with no real bells or whistles. The Cutter & Buck folks obviously feel that their merchandise is desirable enough to stand on its own, without the help of a flashy, self-serving website. Truth is, they’re right. That’s not to say that the site isn’t a good one. It has a nice aesthetic that reflects the company’s philosophy, as well as an ease of navigation that makes shopping a breeze. However, the focus is the product, as well it should be. Cutter & Buck has lovely apparel for both men and women; really fashionable stuff. The prices are extremely reasonable considering the quality, and there’s really quite a bit of variety. Granted, the jeans and T-shirt crowd could probably give this site a miss, because Cutter & Buck caters to a more traditional customer. Still, just because it’s not all short sleeves and denim doesn’t mean the clothes aren’t comfortable as well as attractive. The fact is, these clothes are everything today’s professional person is looking for in apparel: fashionable, affordable, and comfortable. What more can you ask?