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David from 24HourMall


It seems odd to be talking about a book-oriented website, simply because so many people decried the onset of the internet as the death of the printed page. No such thing has happened, and more than a few people are feeling rather silly about their blind panic. The truth is that the written word isn’t going anywhere. It is here to stay, and with sites such as, the past will stay with us, as well as the future. is a site devoted to used books, as well as rare and out-of-print books. These folks have banded together with booksellers from all over to enable people to purchase just about any book they can imagine. These are books containing all manner of subject manner; some first editions, some signed by the author…all books should be considered special, but some of these make a real solid claim for that distinction. No matter what your area of interest, chances are very good that you will find the book or books that you are looking for and paying a reasonable price for them. That’s one of the joys of used books…they’re so inexpensive. They have that wonderful odor about them. Also, with used books, there is a sense of history, of knowing that you are not the first to enjoy this particular book. Nor are you necessarily the last. Books are among the most valuable aspects of our society. People like the ones at recognize the importance of the printed page, and people like these will ensure that there will always be books. Check out this site, if you love to read. You’ll find something you never expected.