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Zinio transforms your favorite print magazines into digital format. Same content. Same design. Delivered over the Internet. Straight to your desktop.

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Richard from 24HourMall


The written word is a vital component to our society. Written communication is a huge part of the billions of transactions and interactions that occur every day. There’s the print media, with thousands of newspapers and magazines putting forth information, and there is of course the internet. There were those that anticipated the internet to be the death knell for the printed page. In fact, it seems that quite the opposite may occur. As technology expands and the needs of the consumer shift, businesses must either adapt or slowly become obsolete. Publishers are no different. Thus we have Zinio.com. The concept of Zinio.com is a simple one; offer a massive array of magazines in a digital format. Basically, you can subscribe to your favorite magazine and have its entire content delivered directly to your computer. Just a few clicks and you’re enjoying your favorite publication while sitting at your desk. No matter what areas your interests may lie in, Zinio.com likely has an offering that fits and fulfills your needs. There are magazines covering all genres available here. Whether you’re inclined toward hard news, business news, sports, or other interests, Zinio.com has a wonderful repository of selections just awaiting your perusal. The process is simple; the site guides you through the entire procedure. It’s easy, it’s affordable, and it’s your favorite magazine delivered right to your desktop. This sort of service is perfect for the busy traveler, never having to track down your favorite read. If the idea of a digital magazine appeals to you, then Zinio.com is where you need to be.