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John from 24HourMall


Everyone loves to travel, but there are peripheral concerns that many people seem to dismiss. Of course, the actual mode of transport is important, and the destination, but what about the luggage? Or how about this: school is important, but how will you carry your books? You’re an athlete…how are you going to transport your gear? The answers to these questions, though seemingly minor, can make the difference. There are plenty of places out there to buy bags, duffels, luggage, etc; many department stores will have a travel section. There are even some stores that are devoted solely to bags, both in physical and online locations. However, few if any carry the sense of flair and funk that eBags.com does. Browsing through this site, one can find all manner of bags: duffels, backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags, wallets…the list goes on and on. The quality of product is never in question, and the style factor is through the roof. There are so many hip, exciting items available here, and all of it is priced very reasonably. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors; a vast array of different bags. The site itself is slick and stylish; simultaneously easy on the eyes and easy to use. The layout makes navigation simple. This site isn’t weighed down by superfluous features that serve to do nothing but take up space. This site is lean, mean, and ready to get down to business. If you anticipate travel in your future, and you could use a new bag, eBags.com should be your first stop.

Customer Rating

Product Information 5
Tracking and Delivery 4
Customer Service 4
Return or Replacement 5
Would Shop Here Again 4

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