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Luxuriously soft clothing and bedding, state of the art beauty and relaxation products, elegant accessories for bed and bath, all conspire to restore your body and spirit.

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Paul from 24HourMall


Internet retail is a world of niche marketing. The size of said niche varies from company to company, but the principle remains the same. Online accessibility allows retailers to reach far larger populations than any physical retail outlet. It also allows for more specifically focused merchandise. Basically, it gives the non-conglomerates a decent shot at success. Of course, what a company does with that shot is their business. After all, it all starts with the products. Take a company such as Now, there are other stores that offer a similar range of products, from apparel to beauty products to home décor. Soft Surroundings targets women, but so do many of these other stores. So how does this company distinguish itself? By ensuring a high quality of merchandise; the inventory is remarkable. Wonderful, comfortable, homey products abound here. As one might gather from the name, tactile softness is a high priority here; primarily through the connection of said softness to comfort levels. This is a company selling products intended to improve your surroundings. Their motto says it all: ?My time. My place. My self.? A genuine concern for the customer goes a long way in today's retail world and these folks have it. That attitude is all over this site, in ways both subtle and overt. These people want to give the customer everything he or she wants, and more than they might expect. Any woman looking to enhance her home, her wardrobe, or her life in general should pay a visit to She'd likely be happy she did.

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Product Information 5
Tracking and Delivery 5
Customer Service 5
Return or Replacement 5
Would Shop Here Again 3

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