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The mission of is to connect families across distance and time. Every family has a story and is committed to helping each family discover theirs. A premium membership provides access to over 27,000 record collections covering billions of people across the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Sweden. Deals and Discounts

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Richard from 24HourMall


There has always been an appeal to delving into the past. In this age of constant change, it can be nice to have a better sense of one’s roots. Knowing where we come from can give us a better sense of where we would like to go. Genealogy allows us to do these things. Through research and a little luck, we can determine who our ancestors were and what they may have been like. This can give us insight into our own lives as well. The internet has really advanced the genealogist’s cause. Instead of having to make endless phone calls and road trips to try and track down records that may not even exist anymore, you can sit in the comfort of your own home and contact thousands upon thousands of similar-minded individuals who may be able to help you in your search. Sites like really allow individuals to freely exchange information. They also provide access to huge databases of census information and the like, making it so much easier to track down that elusive uncle or the cousin that “no one likes to talk about.” The folks at have gone out of their way to create a very user-friendly site. Not only does it have considerable visual appeal, but the layout is extremely well-designed. With the sheer volume of information here, avoiding undue clutter is vital, and they’ve pulled it off without a hitch. Everything is easy to find and easy to use. With this myriad of search functions, family trees, message boards, and helpful tips, is definitely the place to go if you have any interest in learning the genealogical ropes. Take a look around; maybe you’ll learn something new.

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